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dennisandkids2Dr. Trach received his professional education at the National College of Chiropractic. He utilizes manual spinal adjustments as a primary treatment modality at his offices. He also regularly utilizes many aspects of chiropractic physiological therapeutics, which include the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the body, using natural forces of healing such as electrotherapy, exercise, traction, heat, massage and ultrasound therapy. The most commonly used physiotherapy modalities used at this office include the following:

Body Work Styles
The therapeutic use of soft-tissue manipulation, and massage. Massage styles available include: Accupressure, Swedish, Deep tissue, Shiatsu and Trigger Point/Nimmo technique.

Spinal decompressive modalities
Spinal decompression, spinal inversion, and  lumbar distraction methodologies are utilized.

The treatment of the patient that is geared toward maximizing strength, flexibility and endurance. Instruction is available in stretching and strength for improving personal fitness and to aid in the recovery from injuries such as sports injuries and auto accident related injuries.

The treatment of pain and dysfunction by means of interferential and micro-current stimulation.

Oriental Medicine
The evaluation and treatment of disorders using principles of Chinese Medicine. Gua Sha, moxibustion, acupressure, and electroacupuncture methods are utilized.

Myofacial therapy
The treatment of trigger points in the body by manual means.

Refers to the application of sound vibrations, which penetrate into the deeper layers of tissue and have a heating and soothing effect.

Dr. Trach is more interested in providing thorough, high-quality treatment than in treating a high volume of patients. He takes the time to relax tense muscles along the spine before performing spinal adjustments. Click here for Dr. Trach’s Resume

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